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That time I sperged out because they dumbed water on me.

ONLYUSEmeBLADE's First Night on RV6 - YouTube

Blade begins his RV6 debut readily drunk. He wastes no time unloading the usual ONLYUSEmeBLADE dialogue toward irate cast member "Chaggot"

I was on Rv6 and had this amazing encounter with ONLYuseMEBLADE


RV6 Episode 4! | Day 1 Part 1 | Chaggot Ends Up Leaving RV6! + MORE! | IRL Highlights - YouTube

https://www.nonstopirl.comAll RV6 Episodes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVXXNvg3m9bs_S2b2pEzZU7IeyzUsNsB5 Streamers:Dope District - https...

I won't get bullied by this! I'm fucking #Chaggot the #Faggot !

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